RS 40 S

Roller Shutters

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The standard roller shutter is powder coated in RAL 7035, but also can be coated in any colour by RAL card. Profile height is 42 mm.
The roller shutter can be used to close compartments in all types of vehicles as a replacement for conventional opening doors.
It is delivered in form of joined product ready to be installed, consist of:
– assembled door
– runner profiles (2 pairs)
– gutter and threshold profile
– bag of accessories

All types of shutter comes with the “obstacle free“ locking mechanism and 5 pin tumber BURG lock, 4 rubber seals and inner slat seals in order to be waterproof.
Options are available as in order form.

H2 Interior Height
H Opening Height
H1 Passing Height
T Header
P Depth
L1 Passing Width
L Total Width
P1 Runner Lenght
H1=H-120 mm
L1=L-56 mm
Tmin.=80 mm
Smax.=4 mm
P1 max.=P-90 mm
Usable dimensions
Lmax. 2000 mm
Lmin. 460 mm
Hmax. 1200 mm
Maximum shutter area 1,6 m2
Shutter weight 9 kg/m2
No Part number Article no
16 Micro switch 01108029
17 Runner profile E type 0110107E0
17b Runner profile E type horizontal 0110107E0
18 Runner seal L7 0110307L73
19 Runner gasket L8 0110308L83
20 Lock receiver 01102113
21 Closing wedge set 01102103
22 Bolt DIN7981 3.5×13 Zn DIN7981 3,5×13
23 Slat cap (left and right) 01102053
24 Large slat cap (left and right) 01102063
25 LED light 01108019 – 60cm
01108029 – 90cm
01108039 – 120cm
01108049 – 150cm
26 Bar cap 01102093
27 Bar 01101080
28 Large slat 01101030
29 Large slat seal L5 0110305L53
30 Slat 01101020
31 Inner slat seal 01105011
32 Bar lock set (bolt M5x20 A2, nut M5 A2) 01102033
33 Threshold 01101010
34 Gutter seal L6 0110306L63
35 Gutter cap E type

Gutter cap EL type



36 Gutter profile E type

Gutter profile EL type



37 Gutter PVC strip

Diffuser GL i  EL gutter



38 Lock cover 01102123
39 Lock set 01106014
40 Lock bars 01106029
41 Runner segment 0130207